Top 8 Cleaning Supplies Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Kitchen

Top 8 Cleaning Supplies Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Kitchen

With the advancement of technology and lifestyle, pollution is growing rapidly. A commercial kitchen is from where food is served to a number of people. So, it must be hygienic enough to serve not only tasty but healthy food. A commercial kitchen has many places where bacteria can lurk such as the cutting boards, bench tops, and utensils. If you fail to maintain the highest standard in your commercial kitchen, both you and your staff would get sick. Cleaning supplies play a vital role in this affair. Let’s discuss the matter in detail.

Be it a restaurant kitchen or an office kitchen, first of all you should consider important checklist for your commercial kitchen. Bringing equipment will do no good unless you maintain them and follow a daily cleaning.

Check out a few tips provided here that can help you to use equipment offered by the renowned cleaning supplies properly to get a clean commercial.

1. Floor drains’ function

Floor drains' function

We all know how important it is to clean the foodservice floor. But before doing it, you should make it clear that the floor drains are unobstructed and they are working properly. Floor drains play vital roles in cleaning activities. So, before arranging the cleaning program, you need to monitor your floor drains.

2. Foodservice floors

Foodservice floors

Generally, food service floors are either quarry or ceramic. Your food service floors should always be sealed with an anti-slip coating in order to foster effective sanitation. It will also reduce the chance of a slip-and-fall accident.

3. Floor maintenance

Floor maintenance

Floor maintenance should always be done before cleaning the food processing equipment. It will help you prevent floor soils and debris that can become airborne. So, instruct your employees to always clean the floor before cleaning the food handling.

4. Mops maintenance

Mops maintenance

Do you know that mops, bucket, and chemicals should always be stored either on the shelves or in the racks? You should never keep these cleaning supplies on the ground. When you are keeping them on shelves, you can deter the pest and keep them clean. Mopping equipment should be cleaned daily.

5. Functions of buffer & other equipment


You can use a buffer once in every week. If necessary, you can use it regularly as well. Buffer helps to loosen the soil and grease on the floors. The cleaning would be effective if you use a scrubbing pad with a 17-20 inch floor machine. Do you know that a smaller machine does maneuver in and around the cooking areas better than a larger one? Yes, it is true. So, it is better to go for a small floor machine. In this way, you should know the functions of each machine to get most out of them.

6. Choice of cleaning supplies


When you know the functions of the cleaning supplies, it is easier for you to choose the ones you need to maintain the cleanliness of your commercial kitchen. Make a list of the equipment and solutions you need for your kitchen. It would be better if you can buy them in bulk and store them in your office inventory. In this way, your cleaning staff will never run short of the supplies and cleaning will not be skipped even for a single day.

7. Training


Are your employees well-trained? Are they well-aware of the importance of cleanliness in a commercial kitchen? If not, then you should show them the consequences of a dirty kitchen and train them properly. If they do not know the exact process of using the cleaning supplies, you should ask your cleaning equipment providers for a demo.

8. Cleaning schedule

You should set up a cleaning schedule. It is very important to follow a cleaning schedule on regular basis. You should monitor whether your cleaning employees are maintaining the cleaning schedule on regular basis or not. Your cleaning schedule should include the cleaning of the equipment as well.

A Final Takeaway

Above all, you should make your staff maintain the cleanliness. A clean commercial kitchen will make your employees happy and healthy. If you can arrange cleaning activities regularly and aware your staff about the cleanliness of your commercial kitchen, it is not difficult to get a spotless and hygienic commercial kitchen.

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