4 Tips to Get Right Janitorial Supplies for Your Office

4 Tips to Get Right Janitorial Supplies for Your Office

Do you have all the janitorial supplies stored in your office? Well, before blaming your janitorial staff, you should ask yourself this question. Even skilled staff can do nothing if you do not provide them with proper and standard janitorial equipment. Entrepreneurs decorate their office with fashionable desks and furniture. But so far as janitorial supplies are concerned, most of the entrepreneurs take no interest in it at all. The office is often called a second home to the employees. If your home is dirty all the time, how can you lead a healthy life? Similarly, people need to spend long hours at the office. If you ignore the hygiene of your office, your employees may get sick and ultimately it will have a very negative impact on the productivity of your business.

Why is cleaning so important?

1.Healthy employees improve the productivity:

Are you disgusted by the absent rates of your employees? Wait a while! Just take a quick view to check whether your office is really healthy or not. If employees are getting sick frequently, you must consider the cleanliness of your office.

2. A clean office offers a good work environment:

According to a study, “Impact of Employee Satisfaction on Success of Organization: Relation between Customers Experience and Employee Satisfaction”, published in an international journal, employee satisfaction is of immense importance in the service industry. Even, it is regarded as a key to success of an organization. A dirty or unhealthy place can make them irritated and sick.

3. Cleanliness reflects your image:

A clean office is required not only for your employees but also for your visitors. Countless people are coming to your office every day; many people are coming for business deals. So, it is very important to give them a good impression of your business as well as the office. If your clients find your office messy and dirty, would they consider you deserving for managing their important projects? Surely not!

Things to consider before purchasing Janitorial Supplies:

Now, when you are convinced that your office needs a daily maintenance, you need to consider certain issues that can help you get a healthy and nice office environment.

1. Make a list of your requirements:

You need to assess all the areas that need cleaning such as windows, furniture, carpets and other equipment. Each area of your office should be cleaned. You should remember that each type pf furniture requires different care. For instance, you should not use a wood polisher to clean glass windows; you should use wood polisher for wooden furniture and glass cleaner for glass windows. There are some janitorial supplies that are mandatory for general purposes like toilet paper, mops, towels, mats, dispensers trash bags etc. So, make a checklist of the supplies you need; after that, you need to determine how many you will require for a month and purchase these supplies. In this way, necessary janitorial supplies will be stored in your office for one month, and cleaning will not be missed even for a single day.

2. Consider Eco-Friendly equipment:

Have you ever checked the labels of the cleaning products before buying them? If your answer is no, you are doing it wrong all these years. You should check the ingredients. There are some products that contain chemicals harmful to you and your surrounding environment. It would be better if you buy products made of biodegradable materials.

3. Shop in bulk:

If you want to save money, you should buy in bulk. It also inspires green living, since the materials are packaged in dozens, packaging materials are required less. It leads to the reduction of wastage as well. If your office has enough space, you can make an inventory to store janitorial supplies for 2 or 3 months.

4. Ask for a demo before buying the janitorial supplies:

Before purchasing a janitorial supply, you can ask your provider for a demo. In a demo, your staff can learn how to operate the machines or other equipment properly. Besides, you will get a hint how effective the products are. So, a demo is very important. Apart from these, when you are going to buy in bulk, you can ask your suppliers to provide some samples. Use the samples and then decide whether you can buy from them or not.

A Final Takeaway:

You have decorated your office with expensive furniture and carpets. They would not take much time to be damaged if you ignore their maintenance. You need to clean the floor, furniture, and carpets regularly to preserve them over the long term. Buying expensive furniture would be futile if you fail to maintain them.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your office is not difficult when you choose the right janitorial supplies and follow the right process to clean your establishment. It seems to be a trivial affair, but in reality, it is not. It can have a great impact on the overall performance and productivity of your business. So, don’t take much time to realize the seriousness of the matter. Think wisely and act smartly.

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