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Embassy Suites-Estero                                     Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Estero, FL. 33928

  • Linda Valenta
How Clean Restrooms Can Easily Impact Your Business

How Clean Restrooms Can Easily Impact Your Business

You probably don’t give too much thought about your restrooms. You use them, you keep them relatively clean, and they’re obviously useful to you. However, what if your restrooms are giving the wrong impression about your business?

Clean Commercial Rest Room

Believe it or not, even things as small as how your restrooms look can make a big impact on people who visit your business. That’s why it’s so important to buy the right commercial cleaning products and regularly take care of your restrooms.

Use this guide to help you make sure your restrooms are giving the right impression of your company each time someone visits one.

  1. Tissue Dispensers
    Make sure there is plenty of toilet tissue in your bathroom. You want it to be accessible to customers. Otherwise, they may not be able to use your restroom in a sanitary manner.

  2. Toilet Brushes
    Use toilet brushes to regularly clean your toilets. These should be replaced on a regular basis and cleaned or disinfected as often as possible. Make sure your janitorial team has plenty of toilet brushes for cleaning your bathroom.

    Toilet brushes are one of the commercial cleaning products that every business needs to have, no matter how much traffic their restrooms get on a daily basis.

  3. Soap Dispensers
    Put soap dispensers in your bathroom and make sure that they’re constantly refilled with soap for people to wash their hands. This is important for you, your employees and anybody that uses your bathroom.

  4. Toilet Seat Covers
    Provide toilet seat covers in your bathrooms for employee use and for anybody who uses your restrooms. These aren’t optional – they should be in every public restroom in every single office.

  5. Floor Squeegees
    Buy floor squeegees to make sure your floors are clean each day. Everyone who goes into your restrooms will notice if you have unclean floors.

  • Ken Behm
6 Essential Cleaning Supplies For Your Home

6 Essential Cleaning Supplies For Your Home

One, Who Maintains Cleanliness Keeps Away Diseases”- Sam Veda

Cleaning is a process that is not enjoyed by all. Cleaning the household is a chore that people generally try to avoid. Most of us think that cleaning the household is a messy task that consumes a lot of our valuable time. But with the right cleaning supplies, cleaning can also be fun and less time consuming. Everyday we get a new opportunity to start a fresh day and follow a regular cleaning routine. If you have left your house unclean for long, it is the right time for you to take up the duty and start enjoying the cleaning process.


While you start your cleaning routine, you may face the problem of running short of supplies such as paper towels, brush, mobs etc. Here is a list of 6 important cleaning products that you must have while cleaning your household.

1. Disposable Gloves

These gloves protect your food item from germs and keep it hygienic. Eating fresh and healthy is very necessary for your health. You should never compromise on your health and therefore, you should have enough stock of disposable gloves at your home’s inventory.

These gloves not only protect your food, but also keep your hands safe from any kind of damage while cleaning and washing. The detergents contain harmful chemicals that are bad for our skin and can cause serious damage if are regularly used. So now you know how important the gloves are for your cleaning routine.

2. Paper Towels:

Paper towels are also known as kitchen paper. They are an absorbent material and can be used only once. Instead of clothes these towels should be used to clean litters , dirts and spills. They are much more hygienic than clothes because they are used just once and then disposed off.

If you are concerned about maintaining hygiene in your home and kitchen, then paper towels are the best option.

3. Toilet Tissue Roll:

You should always buy tissue rolls in bulk and keep them stocked in your inventory. These are one of the necessary items in your toilet. If you have not purchased cleaning products in your home for a long time, then you must make it a point to get the toilet tissue rolls as soon as possible.

4. Disinfectant:

Disinfectants are one of the most important cleaning products that you must have in your home. While you clean your bathroom, kitchen, tables and vanities, it is advisable to use disinfectants.

When you use disinfectants, you stay protected from germs and diseases. There are different brands of disinfectants in the market, you can choose one from them to clean your home.

5. Dusting Spray:

Dusting spray are products that are used to clean different things all around the house. They are quite necessary and serve several purposes. When you want to clean a glass table or window at home, these cleaning sprays play a huge role.

With these cleaning spray things get clean faster and easily. You do not need to put in much effort and get pain your hand during the cleaning process. The dusting spray will lower your effort to half.

6. Air Cleaner:

Now when you have cleaned your house, it looks really great. But what about the odor? Is your house smelling foul? In that case, it is time to use an air freshener.

Air freshener or air cleaner, not only drags out the bad odor from your house or office but also restores a fresh and soothing atmosphere.

After you are done with the cleaning procedure, now stand and look around your house. How do you feel now? Isn’t it feeling more home like and fresh? It’s always a good habit to keep things clean and arranged. It keeps you healthy and happy.

  • Ken Behm
The Right Checklist of Cleaning Supplies for Office and Commercial Places

The Right Checklist of Cleaning Supplies for Office and Commercial Places

Getting our house cleaned and making it a safe place to survive should be one of our prime concerns. But what about the commercial areas? For 8 to 9 hours we are working in an office, which is not being carefully maintained. When the office remains dirty, germs and viruses make it their breeding ground. The office must have all its cleaning supplies stored at its inventory so that your office can be cleaned at a daily basis. Whether you run an office or a medical store or in a restaurant, cleanliness should always be your priority. A neat and clean office always gives a good impression to your clients. Moreover, the employees must be given a well sanitized area to work for longer hours at a stretch.

Check out the important supplies that you need to keep your office clean:

  • Mop
  • Broom
  • Gloves
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bucket
  • Glass cleaning sprays
  • Disinfectants
  • Air fresheners
  • Cleaning towels
  • Brushes
  • Trash bags
  • Towels to dust up

Without these equipments, it is not possible to get a hygienic office. It is very important to monitor whether your office is going through a regular clean up routine or not. Maintaining a basic hygiene in the office is always a necessary, not a luxury.

Certain areas need special attention in the office:

1. The reception area:

The reception area casts the first impression upon your visitors. This is the area where everyone lands up when they come to your office. Therefore, the area needs special attention and regular cleaning.

  • This area needs a regular sweeping so that dirt doesn’t get collected.
  • Never clutter the reception area by stacking it with magazines.
  • Dust the tables frequently during the working hours.
  • Use garbage bin and keep it clear.
  • Get the windows cleaned.
  • Check whether the floors are properly cleaned and mopped everyday.

If you have kept plants in the reception area, then water them regularly so that they look fresh and alive. These are the few things that could be done to a reception area in order to make it much more attractive and clean.

2. The office kitchen:

Office kitchen is used by all the employees of your organization. Therefore, it is very important to keep this place hygienic. In order to maintain the hygiene of your office kitchen, you should follow these tips:

  • Get the trash bins cleaned every day
  • Clean the refrigerator once in a week
  • The coffee machine must be cleaned regularly.
  • Mop the counter tops after every usage
  • Keep the floors always dry and clean.

3. Keep the bathroom clean:

Germs and viruses thrive in the bathroom. The bathrooms need to be cleaned twice daily. Every time you use the bathroom, flush and wash your hands with a hand wash. Make the employees maintain these things for their own good.

  • Clogging of water at a certain area in the bathroom is very dangerous, get it cleaned.
  • Clean the tiles and floors with disinfectants
  • Floors must never be slippery
  • There must be proper hygiene maintained in the bathroom.
  • Use of air fresheners is mandatory for bathrooms.

If your office bathroom is cleaned in this way, it will never be a reason for your employees’ dissatisfaction.

A Final Takeaway:

If your staffs, assigned for cleaning, fail to cleanthe office properly, you can ask for professionals’ help. The professional cleaners will perform their duty without your interference. Just keep the proper cleaning supplies ready at your office inventory for the professional cleaners.

  • Ken Behm
4 Tips to Get Right Janitorial Supplies for Your Office

4 Tips to Get Right Janitorial Supplies for Your Office

Do you have all the janitorial supplies stored in your office? Well, before blaming your janitorial staff, you should ask yourself this question. Even skilled staff can do nothing if you do not provide them with proper and standard janitorial equipment. Entrepreneurs decorate their office with fashionable desks and furniture. But so far as janitorial supplies are concerned, most of the entrepreneurs take no interest in it at all. The office is often called a second home to the employees. If your home is dirty all the time, how can you lead a healthy life? Similarly, people need to spend long hours at the office. If you ignore the hygiene of your office, your employees may get sick and ultimately it will have a very negative impact on the productivity of your business.

Why is cleaning so important?

1.Healthy employees improve the productivity:

Are you disgusted by the absent rates of your employees? Wait a while! Just take a quick view to check whether your office is really healthy or not. If employees are getting sick frequently, you must consider the cleanliness of your office.

2. A clean office offers a good work environment:

According to a study, “Impact of Employee Satisfaction on Success of Organization: Relation between Customers Experience and Employee Satisfaction”, published in an international journal, employee satisfaction is of immense importance in the service industry. Even, it is regarded as a key to success of an organization. A dirty or unhealthy place can make them irritated and sick.

3. Cleanliness reflects your image:

A clean office is required not only for your employees but also for your visitors. Countless people are coming to your office every day; many people are coming for business deals. So, it is very important to give them a good impression of your business as well as the office. If your clients find your office messy and dirty, would they consider you deserving for managing their important projects? Surely not!

Things to consider before purchasing Janitorial Supplies:

Now, when you are convinced that your office needs a daily maintenance, you need to consider certain issues that can help you get a healthy and nice office environment.

1. Make a list of your requirements:

You need to assess all the areas that need cleaning such as windows, furniture, carpets and other equipment. Each area of your office should be cleaned. You should remember that each type pf furniture requires different care. For instance, you should not use a wood polisher to clean glass windows; you should use wood polisher for wooden furniture and glass cleaner for glass windows. There are some janitorial supplies that are mandatory for general purposes like toilet paper, mops, towels, mats, dispensers trash bags etc. So, make a checklist of the supplies you need; after that, you need to determine how many you will require for a month and purchase these supplies. In this way, necessary janitorial supplies will be stored in your office for one month, and cleaning will not be missed even for a single day.

2. Consider Eco-Friendly equipment:

Have you ever checked the labels of the cleaning products before buying them? If your answer is no, you are doing it wrong all these years. You should check the ingredients. There are some products that contain chemicals harmful to you and your surrounding environment. It would be better if you buy products made of biodegradable materials.

3. Shop in bulk:

If you want to save money, you should buy in bulk. It also inspires green living, since the materials are packaged in dozens, packaging materials are required less. It leads to the reduction of wastage as well. If your office has enough space, you can make an inventory to store janitorial supplies for 2 or 3 months.

4. Ask for a demo before buying the janitorial supplies:

Before purchasing a janitorial supply, you can ask your provider for a demo. In a demo, your staff can learn how to operate the machines or other equipment properly. Besides, you will get a hint how effective the products are. So, a demo is very important. Apart from these, when you are going to buy in bulk, you can ask your suppliers to provide some samples. Use the samples and then decide whether you can buy from them or not.

A Final Takeaway:

You have decorated your office with expensive furniture and carpets. They would not take much time to be damaged if you ignore their maintenance. You need to clean the floor, furniture, and carpets regularly to preserve them over the long term. Buying expensive furniture would be futile if you fail to maintain them.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your office is not difficult when you choose the right janitorial supplies and follow the right process to clean your establishment. It seems to be a trivial affair, but in reality, it is not. It can have a great impact on the overall performance and productivity of your business. So, don’t take much time to realize the seriousness of the matter. Think wisely and act smartly.

Are you looking for any assistance regarding janitorial supplies? Let us know the matter and we will get back to you soon!

  • Ken Behm
Top 8 Cleaning Supplies Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Kitchen

Top 8 Cleaning Supplies Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Kitchen

With the advancement of technology and lifestyle, pollution is growing rapidly. A commercial kitchen is from where food is served to a number of people. So, it must be hygienic enough to serve not only tasty but healthy food. A commercial kitchen has many places where bacteria can lurk such as the cutting boards, bench tops, and utensils. If you fail to maintain the highest standard in your commercial kitchen, both you and your staff would get sick. Cleaning supplies play a vital role in this affair. Let’s discuss the matter in detail.

Be it a restaurant kitchen or an office kitchen, first of all you should consider important checklist for your commercial kitchen. Bringing equipment will do no good unless you maintain them and follow a daily cleaning.

Check out a few tips provided here that can help you to use equipment offered by the renowned cleaning supplies properly to get a clean commercial.

1. Floor drains’ function

Floor drains' function

We all know how important it is to clean the foodservice floor. But before doing it, you should make it clear that the floor drains are unobstructed and they are working properly. Floor drains play vital roles in cleaning activities. So, before arranging the cleaning program, you need to monitor your floor drains.

2. Foodservice floors

Foodservice floors

Generally, food service floors are either quarry or ceramic. Your food service floors should always be sealed with an anti-slip coating in order to foster effective sanitation. It will also reduce the chance of a slip-and-fall accident.

3. Floor maintenance

Floor maintenance

Floor maintenance should always be done before cleaning the food processing equipment. It will help you prevent floor soils and debris that can become airborne. So, instruct your employees to always clean the floor before cleaning the food handling.

4. Mops maintenance

Mops maintenance

Do you know that mops, bucket, and chemicals should always be stored either on the shelves or in the racks? You should never keep these cleaning supplies on the ground. When you are keeping them on shelves, you can deter the pest and keep them clean. Mopping equipment should be cleaned daily.

5. Functions of buffer & other equipment


You can use a buffer once in every week. If necessary, you can use it regularly as well. Buffer helps to loosen the soil and grease on the floors. The cleaning would be effective if you use a scrubbing pad with a 17-20 inch floor machine. Do you know that a smaller machine does maneuver in and around the cooking areas better than a larger one? Yes, it is true. So, it is better to go for a small floor machine. In this way, you should know the functions of each machine to get most out of them.

6. Choice of cleaning supplies


When you know the functions of the cleaning supplies, it is easier for you to choose the ones you need to maintain the cleanliness of your commercial kitchen. Make a list of the equipment and solutions you need for your kitchen. It would be better if you can buy them in bulk and store them in your office inventory. In this way, your cleaning staff will never run short of the supplies and cleaning will not be skipped even for a single day.

7. Training


Are your employees well-trained? Are they well-aware of the importance of cleanliness in a commercial kitchen? If not, then you should show them the consequences of a dirty kitchen and train them properly. If they do not know the exact process of using the cleaning supplies, you should ask your cleaning equipment providers for a demo.

8. Cleaning schedule

You should set up a cleaning schedule. It is very important to follow a cleaning schedule on regular basis. You should monitor whether your cleaning employees are maintaining the cleaning schedule on regular basis or not. Your cleaning schedule should include the cleaning of the equipment as well.

A Final Takeaway

Above all, you should make your staff maintain the cleanliness. A clean commercial kitchen will make your employees happy and healthy. If you can arrange cleaning activities regularly and aware your staff about the cleanliness of your commercial kitchen, it is not difficult to get a spotless and hygienic commercial kitchen.

“Can you tell me about some cleaning supplies near me?” If you need answers to similar questions, let us know your query. We will try to offer you the best solutions.